Our Team


Vadeboncoeur - Co-founder, CEO

Erick Vadeboncoeur is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Oboxmedia. He is the driving force behind the company's revolutionary advertising and publishing solutions amid the Canadian media landscape. Erick is responsible for identifying and setting the strategic business direction.

Prior to co-founding Oboxmedia, Erick led multiple successful ventures in Canada such as Networldmedia that was sold in 2008. He has over 20 years of publishing, media and Internet experience with renowned companies such as Bell Canada and Videotron where he played an integral role in the launch of new products and markets.


Bellerose-Rovny - Co-Founder, CPO

At Oboxmedia, Christopher is responsible for identifying and deploying strategic business development opportunities, as well as overseeing publisher relationships.

Prior to co-founding Oboxmedia Christopher co-founded AskMen.com. Chris used his marketing and business acumen to make this future number one men’s property profitable after only 11 months of operation. In this role, Christopher managed many corporate strategy and market development projects.


Rodrigues - Co-Founder, COO

With over 16 years of experience in the digital media landscape, Luis leads the day-to-day operations of the organization. As a detail-oriented critical thinker, gifted with keen business insight and a knack for problem solving, Luis oversees every aspect of Oboxmedia's operations.

As co-founder of AskMen.com and head of finance, operations and product development, Luis transformed AskMen.com into a remarkable success that led to its acquisition by IGN Entertainment, which was subsequently acquired by Fox Interactive Media, a subsidiary of NewsCorp.

Géraldine Zaccardelli

General Manager - Chief Editor NIGHTLIFE.CA

Jean-François Lessard

Senior Account Executive

Franck Siracuza

Account Executive

Julien This

Local Sales Representative Web and Content

Daniel Morin

Director of Ad Operations, Analytics and Product Development

Richard Silverstone

Director of Business & Product Development

Wendy Gallardo

Ad Ops Trafficker

Daniel Ferreira

Web Operations Planner

Mathieu Lemelin

Analyst Programmer

Ricardo St-Leger

Technical, On-Boarding & Programmatic Specialist

Johana Laurençon


Patrick Forget

Director of product development & technology

Jonathan Simard

Programmer & Ad Ops Trafficker

Aixiang Diao

Accounting/Administrative Manager