What We Do

We connect your brand to over 12,7 million monthly unique visitors* with our exclusive, cross-platform premium publishers in French and English-speaking Canada.

Reach Premium inventory, prime positioning.

Premium Advertising

Our extensive range of video and display ad units place your brand in the best position for viewability and engagement among some of Canada’s most popular websites.


Our brand-safe, private marketplace of premium video and display inventory targets your desired audience for optimal reach and maximum performance.

Content Be the center of attention.


We collaborate with our publishers and your brand to create custom videos and editorials that feature your brand and prompts users to engage and share. Your brand seamlessly becomes the center of attention.


Millions of Canadians turn to our publishers for fresh, relevant and authentic content. We offer unique solutions to sponsor that content. Your brand gets noticed and infused into the audience’s culture.

Drive We lead our audience to your content.

Content Drive

Using today's top-performing tech and the power of trusted recommendations, Content Drive draws the millions of visitors that navigate our premium websites to your content. The result is increased page views, new visitors, and quite possibly your next viral hit.

Social Drive

Our premium publishers have millions of highly-engaged followers across social media platforms. Social Drive lets you connect with that fanbase, and leverage the power of engagement through organic and paid posts on publisher’s social feeds.


We have exclusive representation with some of the most reputable, high-performing, premium online publishers throughout Canada.

Our Work

Discover how Oboxmedia took clients' marketing campaigns "out of the box" with innovative solutions.

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*Source: comScore Media Metrix desktop, Audience Duplication (Oboxmedia and Oboxmedia – In-Image**), Persons 2+, Canada, Mobile Metrix Exclusive Mobile (Oboxmedia), Persons 18+, Canada, January 2016.