Posted on January 27, 2014


Just bringing you the latest from Oboxmedia.

We’ve seen the future and it’s Twitch. Welcome to the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers and Oboxmedia’s latest partner. We’re

proud to announce that we have the exclusive Canadian advertising representation on a site that’s streaming nearly everything worth broadcasting in gaming this year.

Twitch's 2013 Retrospective Digital Flipbook

Twitch's 2013 video review

Who’s tuning in? Twitch attracts 45 million unique visitors a month who spend an average of 104 minutes per day per person on the site. If that wasn’t impressive enough, in November comScore Video Metrix ranked Twitch as the largest video site in the video games category. Compared to the closest runner up, Twitch boasts more than ten times the amount of videos created, more than five times more videos watched per viewer, and five times more minutes watched per viewer.

Twitch offers all the standard IAB units on desktop and mobile (app and mobile site). It boasts 12-million monthly pre-roll avails with above industry standards completion rates along with a complete range of native advertising opportunities.

PlayStation 4 users are currently able to broadcast their gameplay directly to their Twitch channels by simply pressing the new “Share”. Both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 feature the Twitch viewing app with broadcast functionality coming to Xbox One later this year.

Even The Wall Street Journal’s paying attention: “Live video gaming platform Twitch has been on a growth tear this past year and has raised $20 million from investors to rip it up some more.”

Now that’s good news.