Posted on November 19, 2015

Oboxmedia Acquires Newad Online

Montreal, 20 November 2015 – Oboxmedia, a premium publisher network and digital advertising company that connects brands with Canadians, has acquired Newad OnLine, the ad network that boasts popular Web platforms Nightlife, 33Mag,, Ton Barbier, Ton petit look, 10kilos and TPL Moms. According to comScore*,the acquisition extends Oboxmedia’s reach to 15,346,000 total monthly unique visitors, or 50% reach of the total Canadian digital population. In Quebec, the reach is closer to 65% of the population.

“We are confident both in the future and the impact of original Quebec-centric content on the Web” declared Erick Vadeboncoeur, President and CEO, Oboxmedia. “This acquisition secures our position as a major national player in digital media.Based on the diversity of websites under the Oboxmedia umbrella, we can now provide advertisers with viable, original content produced directly from within”, he added.

Oboxmedia also owns and partners exclusively with well-known and reputable sites including Mashable, Variety, Rovio, Roblox, Trois fois par jour, Hollywood PQ, GuideAuto, as well as many others. Prior to acquiring Newad OnLine, Oboxmedia had already achieved a 40% traffic increase in the last year.

“We are delighted that Oboxmedia has acquired our digital platforms, considering they are a renowned player in the Canadian digital media landscape”, says Martine Desjardins, EVP Publishing & Content at Newad. “Oboxmedia’s vision will give headway to our own display advertising product developed more than 10 years ago and enable us to focus on our core raison d’être which is OOH display and, more specifically, OOH digital display advertising”, she added.

“Oboxmedia continues to build its digital dominance throughout Quebec. We are excited about integrating new solutions for our advertising partners”, says Andy Querin, Chief Revenue Officer, Oboxmedia.

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