Absolut Elyx

The challenge

Absolut launched a branding campaign where the goal was two-fold: the company first wanted to position "Elyx", one of its brands, as a luxury one by creating a unique shopping experience, but also wanted to add a philanthropic purpose to the campaign. The brand achieved both goals by hosting three events where passersby could purchase a bottle of Absolut Elyx, along with a pineapple-shaped copper glass, from the Water Truck located in New York, Los Angeles and Miami for a few days each. The natural fit between the Absolut Water Truck and Water For People, an organization that provides drinking water to countries in need, was the perfect charitable association.

The campaign

To get people talking about this unique event, Oboxmedia called upon the expertise of the Mashable marketing team to create an exclusive content program. Stupiddope, an influencer, created a video by filming the Water Truck’s activities. This video was promoted through an "immersive" article (100% customized) on Mashable, which was then propelled on several Oboxmedia content platforms in order to generate more than 17,000 page views.



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