Old Spice - Smellcome To Manhood

The Challenge

Old Spice was launching a new body spray and wanted to create awareness and engage with their target demographic in Quebec. Old Spice created the “Smellcome to Manhood” ad campaign featuring mothers who were sad to see their sons transition into men. They reached out to Oboxmedia to build a unique and scalable content program that would integrate the Old Spice new brand concept and create instant awareness across the 12 to 24 male demographic throughout Quebec.

The Campaign

Oboxmedia leveraged their popular and viral Quebec publisher Petitpetitgamin.com (PPG) and created a custom, Old Spice sponsored section on the site, integrated with organic content. This new section featured original content about boys becoming men, and even the PPG logo was made to look manlier. One piece of content created specifically for the Old Spice sponsored section went viral, reaching over 220,000 unique views and over 20,000 social interactions.



unique visitors to the sponsored section



CTR on Old Spice ads in the sponsored section



original content pieces created for Old Spice